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Fans of David Thewlis
"Naked" on UK TV tonight :-) 
5th-Nov-2008 02:29 pm
eric bill sookie true blood

I should have posted this earlier but “Naked” will be on TV (UK) tonight.

10:50pm GMT 5/11/08 Film Four

If you haven’t seen it, then see it. It’s one of David’s best works and well, if you’re a fan of Mike Leigh’s work, you’ll love it. Does contains some sexual scenes, some that can b interpreted as rape and the film is dark but it’s surperb and it makes you think!!!



This is a promotional one with David and his co-star, Katrin Cartlidge. I just happen to love it :-)


Blessed Be!

5th-Nov-2008 05:35 pm (UTC)
Oh, how I love this movie <3! You're lucky it's on TV where you live. David is SO completely amazing in this film, he blew me away when I watched it for the first time. I recommend watching it to anyone who likes David Thewlis, you will be impressed by his talent even more after seeing this film :).

Edited at 2008-11-05 05:36 pm (UTC)
6th-Nov-2008 12:58 am (UTC)
It's only ever on, here, during the wee hours of the morning on HBO or IFC. Which is actually pretty cool, because I do my best/crazyiest thinking then. ^^
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